A tree with pink flowers in the middle of a field.


Tree and shrub care is just as vital as lawn care. These plants add shade and value to your property and contribute to air quality. We can treat all varieties of trees and shrubs including some very common favorites: Japanese Maple, Crabapple, Arborvitae, Magnolia and Azalea, just to name a few.

Super Green Lawn Service will inspect your trees and shrubs to determine if preventative care or a treatment for a diagnosed issue is necessary. From insect and disease control to root fertilization, our expert tree and shrub care professional will make the best recommendation for your landscape.

Dormant Oil Spray - Targets damaging scale and over-wintering insects on trees and shrubs during early spring.

Spring Fertilization - Provides a long-term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs in the spring.

Crabapple Spray - Specific treatments to protect healthy crabapple trees from disease infection. *

Fall Fertilization - Provides a long-term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs in the fall.

Insect and Disease Control - Starting in the spring, this treatment or series of treatment targets problem insects and helps prevent and control disease. Some of the sprays or soil drench treatments include:

  • Magnolia for Scale Control
  • Hawthorne for Leafminer Control
  • Japanese Beetle Control
  • Ivy for Disease Control *
  • Viburnum for Leaf Beetle Control
  • Beech Tree Aphid Control
  • Spruce Tree for Mite Control *

Soil Testing - Done on a case-by-case basis with results provided by Penn State.

*Denotes treatment series

A man watering the bushes in front of his house.
A car parked in the middle of a parking lot.


Unsighly growth in parking lots or along fence lines can be fixed with our powerful vegation control. Two applications will likely get any hard surface area that is faced with intrusion from unwanted vegation.

Super Green applies an annual Vegetation Control in the spring and fall for optimal coverage.